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Changing People’s Lives for the Better

​Dear fellow Pharmacists, Physicians, Dentists, Chiropractors, Nurses, and other Healthcare Professionals:

We discuss it, see it, measure it, struggle with it—pain is real.

Pain is one of the greatest deterrents to pursuing wellness and achieving an improved, functional healthspan. This is a discussion of different options associated with managing pain and a sales pitch.

“The medical profession, too, has often declared itself frustrated at pain’s indescribability. It would be a great thing to understand Pain in all its meanings,” wrote Peter Mere Latham, Physician Extraordinary to Queen Victoria, before concluding despairingly, “Things which all men know infallibly by their own perceptive experience, cannot be made plainer by words. Therefore, let Pain be spoken of simply as Pain.”  Other interesting insights, relative to pain, are found in the New Yorker Magazine article: The Neuroscience of Pain, by Nicola Twilley, Annals of Medicine, July 2, 2018, Issue: Brain imaging is illuminating the neural patterns behind pain’s infinite variety.

Managing a patient’s pain has become a significant issue and a substantial part of structuring quality healthcare approaches. Since over 60% of pain patients will self-treat, pharmacists deal with more types of pain patients than any other healthcare professional and are valued partners, available to work with all healthcare professionals in establishing quality of care improvements for pain patients. There are also ever-growing legislative controls to deal with certain types of pain medications, which limits the options for needy pain patients and opens new challenges for all healthcare providers. Pain management requires a consistent and comprehensive treatment program. The growing discipline of chronic and acute pain management requires the assembly of multimodal and multidisciplinary plans individualized to a patient’s personal abilities and needs.

With best practices revolving around quality improvement and quality of care, this introduction will discuss a new product that has been shown to be effective in delivering deep penetrating safe pain relief for all types of pain, and how it can be integrated throughout every quality, multimodal team healthcare plan, which will lead to improved outcomes for pain patients.

Aside from the misuse, abuse, and diversion of pain medication, many patients suffer from inadequately controlled acute and chronic pain. The managing of acute and chronic pain involves not only balancing pain treatments, drug interactions, and side-effects, but also includes addressing the challenges of despair, depression, hopelessness, and deaths brought on by the human conflict with pain. It has been documented that unrelieved pain can initiate stress leading to increased mental health issues and an extreme negative impact on wellness, a roadblock to health improvement due to its detrimental effects, physical and mental. Pain has direct, adverse effects on quality of life, along with impairing one’s ability to achieve wellness, improve healthspan, and function.

Ignore what you have learned about topical analgesics because we are introducing a product that redefines and brings the first new technology to OTC topical pain management, in about eighty years. This is a natural, comprehensive, science-based pain product that works differently; incorporates an adaptogenic, orthomolecular approach (Orthomolecular medicine describes the practice of preventing and treating disease by providing the body with optimal amounts of substances which are natural to the body. Orthomolecular.org); employing a that addresses the entire pain cascade, improving the relief of pain and stiffness due to injury and inflammatory conditions. It delivers a better, safer, and effective instrument that aids healthcare professionals in supporting pain management patients, along with increasing their chances of better outcomes and a better life.

This unique healthcare achievement and technologically advanced product A Pain Free Day with Copper PowerRx (APFD), was built on original research and developed to address the problems of the disease state, not just the symptoms.
A composite of adaptogenic substances, including those in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) modulating network, were selected to synergistically enhance and safely stabilize physiological and pathophysiological processes along the pain pathway that leads to the multifaceted approach of supporting the relief of pain and stiffness due to injury and inflammatory conditions. The product is a patented, proprietary, active organic-complexed-copper-mineral-amino-acid product having an independently published clinical trial (from Tufts University) that shows it to be safe and effective, with a substantial 59% decrease in pain level.

Most products for pain are chemicals that may block a pain pathway or inhibit the production of certain pain inducing reactions. APFD’s developers evaluated the entire pain process across the pain cascade, and how the body reacts. It is the understanding of this process that has led to developing this original analgesic, and the choices of its natural ingredients. The product was built to assists the body by providing natural elements which the body recognizes and can quickly utilize, working synergistically, which leads to a multifaceted approach to relieve pain, stiffness, and inflammation.
It can be used as a first-line treatment for acute or chronic pain or injury. This is a companion product for every patient’s pain and stiffness. It can also be employed to address breakthrough pain or supplement a pain program.
Changing people’s lives for the better, improving the way pain is managed, with quality health outcomes as the focus.

Pain is real. As a pharmacist and one of the developers of this exclusive product, I have seen great numbers of patients suffering needlessly, with various types of acute and chronic pain conditions. There is a notable lack of new, effective products that can be used safely as a first-line or as an adjunct to their treatments. One can also find evidence of patients’ fear of side-effects, drug interactions, and addiction to certain pain products. So, some medications are not taken, or are taken improperly. There is a factual toll that pain takes on people’s lives, adversely effecting quality of life: mentally, physically, emotionally, economically, and can lead to suicide/death.

With evidence-based science, a holistic approach, and the safety, efficacy, and value found in this new product, it can be confidently recommended for acute, chronic, or breakthrough pain when other treatments are failing. It can also aid in eliminating potentially fatal drug mixing and misuse. Use it as a part of the solution and a means towards alleviating some of the patient’s daily difficulties associated with their pain, so they never lose a day to pain.

Tufts University was selected for the clinical trial because a valid trial was sought, to be properly executed and documented, and with results that were verifiable. The trial group that was selected was composed of TMJ sufferers because, at Tufts, they were the worst possible pain sufferers who had failed all other pain management options. They were sent to Tufts because they had fallen into a “no hope” category, tertiary level patients with extensive pain management problems associated with their disease. It was also seen that Capsicum failed in a TMJ pain clinical trial. This product was the sole analgesic used by the patients in this trial. The Tufts’ trial results were so significant and of scientific importance that the trial team published the results in a scientific journal and presented the clinical trial at a scientific/medical convention. There was a significant decrease in pain levels, 59% from baseline. Superior to most analgesics.

The trial provided proof of concept; the analgesic controlled and reduced pain in all the subjects, safely and effectively. The product shows a special significance in the current consumer healthcare marketplace, when considering the need for new options for pain control and the dramatic increases in harmful side effects and deaths from pain management medications—Rx and OTC.
This analgesic has a wealth of anecdotal success stories from countless pain sufferers having many types of physical distress. Prior to the Tufts study, the product was available, and very successfully used, by orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, athletic trainers, pharmacists, naturopaths, chiropractors, dentists, pain clinics, professional athletes, massage therapists and by uncountable numbers of everyday people dealing with everyday pains and stiffness. The independent clinical trial validated these positive outcomes.

The product: A Pain Free Day-with Copper PowerRx (APFD) inhibits the pain network of the inflammatory cascade, at multiple points (unlike some other prescription and non-prescription products), with specifically directed ingredients addressing and modifying each component of this cascade, which results in reduced tissue injury and the speeding of healing. This new approach targets natural anti-inflammatory systems that can induce and activate components of the anti-inflammatory process and help promote tissue healing. The product meets SMART treatment goals: Specific to pain, relief is Measurable, pain control goals are Achievable, Realistic, and Time framed. Look at this one very defined complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) choice, APFD, and appreciate how it can aid in providing safe and effective management of pain, positive treatment outcomes, and challenge many other pain management options. We can also weigh it against some of the hazards and costs of the common pain medications and realize greater positive support for the patient.
This is a treatment: to address immediate, acute pain and stiffness (sprains, strains, soft tissue injury, etc.), and speed the healing of an injury; a first-line or adjunct treatment, to help manage long term chronic pain issues (arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, etc.); used to aid in preventing injury or flare ups (RSI, TMJ, post injury, neuralgia, neuropathy, etc.); protects past injured areas, as a sports or work warm-up cream. It can also challenge any current analgesic in safety and efficacy, eliminating most side effects. Use APFD as a complement or first-line product, in a pain management program, and it will generate repeat purchases because it is safe and effective—a natural solution to pain and stiffness, of the highest quality. It is made in the USA, in an FDA/GMP registered lab, with no animal testing, no animal components, without added colors or scents. The product is recognized/classified by the FDA, as an analgesic. It provides a great value to efficacy ratio and A Pain Free Day. 

There are no cures for many individuals, but the enthusiasm expressed by clinicians and patients, as a result of so many positive outcomes in pain control, is notable and extraordinary.

Think of A Pain Free Day with Copper PowerRx anytime you have a pain management patient, young or old. Have them keep the product at home and/or in a travel or sports bag for daily use or emergencies, as a first-line, or for breakthrough pain, so they Never Lose a Day to Pain.

More detailed information about APFD, science, etc., and references regarding pain treatments, can be found on the following pages.

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