Oral supplement products encompass the science, of botanical adaptogenic complexes, which naturally aid the body’s response, to improve or overcome a disease state. They are not a cure, but adaptogens that help the body cope more easily, at the metabolic level.



These comprehensive blends are nontoxic, in any reasonable amount; generate a nonspecific response benefiting the body; help create a state of balance, restoring the natural homeostasis, in addition to helping the body adapt to stress. Adaptogens are natural compounds that stabilize physiological processes and promote homeostasis, supporting the receptor theory of mechanism. The natural substances are used by the body to enhance and generate peak operation—feeling better. The products have been tested, found to function safely and effectively, and are ready for marketing.

1. Vitality

This Energy Maximizer and Brain Health Complex is formulated to aid in enhancing and promoting overall energy levels, vigor, vitality, and general well-being--without harmful stimulants or steroid-like substances. This supplement complex enables entire body systems to run more efficiently, with positive adaptogenic effects on metabolism and the body's physiology.

2.  Immune Care

This is an adaptogenic, immune-modulator, anti-aging complex to activate essential functions of the immune system, that can retard age inducing elements and restore critical strength. This supplement can be used to aid in preventing the onset, or lessening the effects of, infectious diseases brought on by exposure or stress.  Severe stress of all types, strenuous physical activity or training has been shown to deplete the immune system. This can make one susceptible to multiple problems and diseases. By enhancing various components of the immune system, the key to a healthy body, with well-rounded herbal complex-containing substances that increase the body's own response to oxidative stress, this supplement helps to restore vigor and maintain strength, overall health and wellness, and increase lifespan.
3. A separate Flu Formula can be produced, or simply incorporated in the Immune Care product.

4.  Respiratory Care: promotes respiratory health