We are a people-centric, outcomes driven R&D group of socially conscious healthcare professionals with vision, thinking differently; developing original and innovative phytopharmaceutical healthcare products constructed around research and science. The products evolved to address significant consumer health and wellness issues, safely and effectively, and deliver positive healthcare results—making headway in improving lives of the users.

Outcomes/results based and proof of theory methodology are today’s measure of clinical acceptability. The company’s unique approach has generated healthcare achievements and technologically advanced products, in the nutraceutical field, for consumers of all ages; built around original science and an orthomolecular (Orthomolecular medicine describes the practice of preventing and treating disease by providing the body with optimal amounts of  substances which are natural to the body. orthomolecular.org)  treatment model; which aid in the management of many inflammatory disease conditions.     

The products are direct to consumer products, encompassing the vision of Changing People’s Lives for the Better and delivering, at the pinnacle of nutraceutical achievement, a challenge to current pharmaceutical treatments, that have been designed for acute and chronic disease states that are lifestyle limiting. Safety, efficacy, doing it better, and eliminating side-effects are the common gossamers running, repeatedly, throughout the product lines. The products are an improvement in the current standards of care; of inordinate value to underserved consumer healthcare segments, providing a responsible and prodigious level of safety and efficacy; and can expand or supplement any current product line or treatment protocol. We are looking to gather interest for the second leg of this expedition, which will move the products towards bringing better healthcare, wellness, and lifespan into the consumer marketplace.